Friday, April 23, 2010

Final project

the porject that i ahve taken was to take my designs and make them into somthing i have cosen to do a tshirt, skateboard and shoe. All of the images on each of the items i ahve done my self media that was used was pen and pencil for all 3 of them. This was my favourite project of the whole year and I hope people can enjoy it.

the illustration that was done on the shoe had turned out much better then it looks like i did not really know how to get it jsut right on the she to make it look good in a way but i have figured out a way to make both of my other illsutrations look great.

This is my illustration for my shirt design which i have used my clown which i have illustrated in ink and the other image of the wings and the crown overhead which was done in pencil together on a white t shirt i think it turned out great.

this is my final peace that i have done for my skateboard i have used 2 clowns that i have created in pencil i have made them so they both look different because one is smiling and the other one looking very serious, making it look interesting i think it would make a great illustration on a skateboard.

this is my final project that i have done i think that i have done a good job making my all of my illustrations through the semester in pen and pencil because it is my favorite media and turns out great at the end.